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Our Miracle Shake® is a deeeelicious hydrolyzed, grass fed bovine, multi - callogen peptide protein mixed with our secret natural ingridients combined with vitamins that will help you with:

  • ✔ Strongest Immune Booster Ever Produced
  • ✔ Glowing & Youthful Skin
  • ✔ Healthy Nail Growth
  • ✔ Stronger, Silky & Healthier Hair
  • ✔ Alleviating Joint Pain & Soreness
  • ✔ Reduces Fine Skin Lines and Wrinkles
  • ✔ Brain Health
  • ✔ Sleep support
  • ✔ Gut Health

TAGO Life Miracle Shake® is the newest & most effective collagen & immune booster combo ever produced. A daily dose of Miracle Shake®  increases the absorption rate of collagen in your body, whilst the natural vitamins gets into your white blood cells, and protects you all day. No other product can even come close to our Miracle Shakes®

Miracle Shakes® (Collagen Protein Peptides + Immune Boosting Powder)

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$19.99 Regular Price
$17.99Sale Price
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