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Have you ever traveled to Zanzibar or the Rift Valley? Have you ever tasted the purest forms of fresh ingredients  grown from volcanic soil without any preservatives, chemicals or harmful additives? Our goal is to help you live long, have the strongest immune system,  look amazing while enjoying our mouth watering products!

Chocolate Truffles


We have created the very first miracle healthy mixes that will blend & taste  just like your favorite cocktails!  Drink with your friends, watching a movie, lunchtime, the gym or a restaurant, enjoy our yummy's! 

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22 Years of planning, 7 years of research, 3 years of testing!  With ingredients from around the world, studied in Germany & manufactured in the USA! You will not find a more results driven products than TAGO life! The gift of life!

Our miracle shakes will provide you with the strongest immune defense you've ever had!





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Meet the human being who was willing to challenge the norm.

The dream of creating a miracle health formula came from a traumatic experience for this once homeless but determined young man. He tells stories of unbearable days of starvation, cold nights and constantly working in excess of 20 hours a day. Stories which are definitely not for the fainthearted. A journey that could have broken him down, instead it turned into resolve to pursue his dreams.

Although his teenage years were rough, he learnt at an early age to stay focused, by using his talents wisely, setting goals on a high level. Goals that would lead him to pack his bags and with .25ct in his pocket, he would move back and forth from Dallas to the rough streets of Brooklyn New York, eventually settling in Atlanta, GA to pursue the American Dream.

Before long, he became a sought after DJ, a great producer, clothing line designer, club owner, top promoter, restaurateur and much more. Always climbing that ladder the hard way with the sole purpose of building relationships to be able to finance his lifelong dreams.

However the traumatic episode happened 23 years ago. I had just gotten home from a 21 hour long day of working. As I entered my apartment, I fell straight flat on my face! A day and a half later while lay on the floor, I could barely lift my head up from the floor. Then a guardian angel was sent, as I slipped in and out of consciousness. When we got to the hospital, we were turned away because I didn’t have any health insurance, so my friend carried me on his back and took me to an Emory student’s clinic in Marietta GA. After treatment, the doctor asked me when the last time I ate some fruits or veggies was. I jokingly responded with "But doc, I’m a guy, we don’t eat broccoli" There was a brief outburst in the clinic, where he proceeded to scold me about vitamins & abusing my body. When I knew I had to change my way of thinking, is when he warned me that I was hours away from death!

The next day, after a bribing & pleading with my dear lovely mummy, to share those secret ingredients passed down 7 generations of relatives who lived over 100 years,  I then combined it with my own a citrus cocktail and walaa! A powerful potion was born.

For the last 22 years, I have probably only taken medicine 4 times. Three was used for toothaches, a broken knee, and the last one was for a migraine caused by this gorgeous ex lol

By the time I was opening my restaurants and event halls, my miracle juices were a hit! People loved the results they were getting. I started noticing their not only physical change but their attitudes also changed. Everyone was so happy but I couldn’t keep up with the demand. I knew I had to share this product with the world. My manufacturers would get frustrated because I made so many changes until I felt that it was perfect! I didn’t want to be another product in the health store. No, I want to help millions of lives. That’s just who I am, no matter what venture I get into, if it doesn’t involve helping other people with actual results, then I’m not getting involved. Period!

These products will actually help you have the strongest immune system, lose weight, clean you up, improve your hair, skin, bones etc.  Then we worked on making sure that our products don’t remind you of a pharmacy or health store. I want you to enjoy my products as you would anything else. I wanted anyone buying my product to feel like your entire journey to remaining healthy is a beautiful experience and worth every penny spent!

Its finally here, perfect products made from proven results. Live long and healthy just like our ancestors did! I believe that without laughter, good music and living a healthy lifestyle, you are slowly dying.” 


Thus my obligation it is, and with pride I do stride to help the masses. Please, join us, have fun and enjoy. I’m simply a man, roaming the earth, changing people’s lives along the way – with a smile on my face.


Thank you humbly!


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